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Central City Honours Board

Honours Board 2007 - New Zealand Representatives

New Zealand U13’s

Dominic Elliott                                       2014 and 15 Ripken Team, USA

Ben Sinclair                                           2018 Ripken Team, USA

New Zealand 15U IBAF/WBSC

Ayrton Laird                                          2014 World Championships – Sinaloa, Mexico

Cameron Sutton                                    2014 World Championships – Sinaloa, Mexico

Jasiah Niu                                             2014 World Championships – Sinaloa, Mexico

Tairea Thompson                                   2014 World Championships – Sinaloa, Mexico

Caleb Rona                                            2014 World Championships – Sinaloa, Mexico

Dominic Elliott                                       2016 World Championships - Japan

Dominic Elliott                                       2018 World Cup Qualifier - Auckland

New Zealand U17’s IBAF

Tim Olliff                                               2011 World Championship Qualifier - Guam

New Zealand U18’s WBSC

Cooper Hutchinson                                2013 USA trip, 2015 World Cup Qualifier

Ayrton Laird                                          2015 u18 World Cup Qualifier - Auckland

Tairea Thompson                                   2015 u18 World Cup Qualifier - Auckland

Kyle Anderson                                       2017 U18 World Cup Qualifier - Sydney

Tairea Thompson                                   2017 U18 World Cup Qualifier - Sydney

Jasiah Shepherd-Niu                              2017 U18 World Cup Qualifier - Sydney

Ayrton Laird                                          2017 U18 World Cup Qualifier - Sydney

Auckland Representatives      2007 onwards

Auckland Little League Team – U13

Jimmy Boyce                                          Indonesia 2010

Taylor Simmons                                     Indonesia 2010

Reed Fowler                                           Indonesia 2010

Tim Olliff                                                Hong Kong

Hideto Nagai                                           Indonesia 2010

Ayrton Laird                                            Taiwan 2012

Jake May                                                Indonesia 2010, Guam 2011

Javarn Woolston                                      Indonesia 2010, Guam 2011

Mitchell Stevens                                      Taiwan 2012

Reuben Burns                                         Taiwan 2012

Sam Clerk                                              Hong Kong 

Sean Akroyd                                           Indonesia 2010

Zane Ross                                              Guam 2011, Taiwan 2012

Max Earley                                             Philippines 2013

Cory Tipene                                            Hong Kong 

Beth Reid                                               Philippines 2015

Regan Soper                                          South Korea 2018

Ben Sinclair                                           South Korea 2018

Auckland Little League Team – U17

Nick Weaver                                           Guam, Philippines and

Cole Wardrope                                        Philippines

Cooper Hutchinson                                  Philippines