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General Information - Senior Social Baseball in Auckland

GRADES and Central City team names

Premier - High level competition (Can includes travelling semi-pro Baseballers) 

Central City Mariners - Coach - Tairea Thompson

Division 1

Central City Spartans - Div1

Central City Patriots - Div1

Division 2

Central City Renegrades Div2

​​​​​​​For those wishing to play for the love of the game, the Auckland Baseball Association runs two Social Baseball divisions for players of all genders ages 16 and above. These games are played on Sunday throughout the Auckland region.

Games commence in November, and continue through to the end of March with a break over the Christmas/ New Year period and resume the seasons again mid-January.

The association generally supplies umpires for the games and runs the competition/ draws etc.

Teams align themselves with clubs so all you need to do is gather up your friends, form a team and contact our club. Most teams have a playing roster of 12-15 players to cater for injuries and absences.

Teams are self-managed and organise themselves throughout the season.

The Central City Club has three social teams for the 2023/2024, the Spartans, the Patriots and the Renegrades